we found skeletons in the excavation
in the loose gravel of our foundation

underneath it all was bedrock
before we hit rock bottom

we hammered through cement to build a new house
dug out to dig in

we got hammered
on rolling rock

we built a rock garden
listened to that rock star

that was the night you rocked me to sleep
after too much 33

we were over the moon
until the sun came up 972 times

then we were over the weather

said we were over
later thought we’d try a do-over

talked it over and over
red rover, red rover send 972-days-ago over

it was an outstanding effort
but like an outstanding book there were fees to pay

we should have read the prologue
then maybe could have prolonged

you dubbed us the dukes of earl
after i couldn’t stop watching the bbc

i liked the calming effect of the english accent
but you wanted exclamation points

all happiness must pay its dues
and so we bid adieu

you staring the world in the face
saying put up your dukes

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